Essential Small Business Apps. One Workspace.

Finer Solution is a powerful suite of small business apps that help small businesses stay organized, create more revenue and connect with their customers. Explore our applications below to learn more.

What is Finer Solution?

Finer Solution is web-based software made specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs that want to spend more time focused on their business and less time managing their online presence and lead generation.

Web Based Software For Small Businesses

With the power of the cloud, Finer Solution gives you always-on access to your important small business apps in one convenient workspace.

Fast, Friendly and Comprehensive

Our powerful cloud-based e-mail marketing app sends thousands of emails every minute. Send your important small business marketing e-mail with confidence that it will be delivered.

Constantly Evolving

We never stop delivering new features and continuously improving upon our software for small business owners and entrepreneurs. As we grow, so will your ability to grow your small business.

Your workspace is protected by a 256 bit encryption layer. Your data is safe from prying eyes and is backed up nightly. Learn more
Your small business workspace is available by going to the custom URL you choose when you setup your account.
Your small business workspace is hosted in the cloud -- there's no software to download and all updates are handled automatically by us.

Why Finer Solution?

Focus on what you love, while Finer Solution handles your small business marketing, communication and lead generation.

Save 15 Hours a Month

Finer Solution makes managing a small business painless. Your small business apps work seamlessly to deliver results fast.

Get Email Delivered

We've partnered with one of the leading email delivery providers to ensure your emails make it your customers inbox.

Build Contacts Fast

With numerous ways to increase your contacts, Finer Solution makes it easy to grow your business.

Marketing Automation

Create automated e-mail campaigns and we'll send them at your specificed scheduling to any new contacts that ask to receive them. Automation is beautiful.

Seriously Affordable

With numerous ways to increase your contacts, Finer Solution makes it easy to grow your business.

Create Websites Fast

Register a domain and create a website in under 15 minutes. Seriously. We've taken the pain out of launching a new website.